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COOL-LITE XTREME Silver II is Saint-Gobain's latest innovative two-in-one coated glass, combining a reflective silver aesthetic (Rext 30%) with extreme solar protection (solar factor 0,25), outstanding selectivity (2) and reinforced thermal insulation (Ug 1,0 W/m2.K.), for the best comfort and energy savings.

COOL-LITE XTREME Silver II is a unique solution for architects to create iconic buildings meeting energy regulations. The reflective and silvery aspect of this coated glass allows the facade to play with its environment, between reflectivity and transparency; as if the building were alive.The glass building blends in its environment while standing out as a unique piece of art.

  • REFLECTIVITY:  offers unique and trendy design with silverish high external reflection and low internal reflection
  • SOLAR CONTROL: achieves extreme solar protection to reduce cooling loads in summer and meet energy efficiency requirements
  • THERMAL COMFORT: offers reinforced thermal insulation to reduce heating  loads in winter
  • DAYLIGHT : provides a good level of natural light income

XTREME Reflective solar control glass. Blend in & Stand out.COOL-LITE XTREME Silver II is our latest innovation within the COOL-LITE XTREME range, the state-of -the-art solar control coatings, featuring the best performance on the market with a selectivity above 2, reinforced thermal insulation and neutral aesthetics.