Our commitment to carbon neutrality by 2050 is based on a long history of reducing our environmental impact, in strong alignment with our ambition to offer customers solutions that help them decarbonize and reduce their own environmental footprint. Our zero carbon ambition is also a very concrete manifestation of our goal, Making the world a better home.

For many years, Saint-Gobain Group has been involved both in global and local initiatives to support and promote sustainable buildings by joining the Green Building Councils (GBCs) at the local international level.

For LEED, BREEAM, WELL labeling schemes you can easily discover how glazing solutions - glass and window facade, interior glass, fireproof glass and high security glass and electrochromic glass - contribute to label criteria such as natural light, thermal comfort, materials with low emission levels, etc. In addition to the contribution brought by the high performance characteristics of the glazing, we also provide tools and associated services to help customers design their construction project.

On our Green Building website you can download all the necessary documentation for the certification, such as the Product Environmental Statement, the Recycled Content Statement. Innovative, intuitive and time-saving: the tool is customized to meet the needs of homeowners, architects, consultants, real estate companies and contractors.

In our Projects section you can find also some examples of certified buildings.


How do our solutions contribute for sustainable buildings?

We aim to serve and support all construction stakeholders involved in new-build and renovation projects. In every living and working place, wherever comfort, performance and safety are required.

For over 350 years, Saint-Gobain Business Glass has been promoting a comprehensive global approach to knowing and reducing negative effects on the environment. Saint-Gobain Business Glass is the first glass manufacturer in the world to implement the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of its products, which adhere to international standards. The Life Cycle Assessment analyzes the impact on the environment generated by a product at each stage of its life: from the stage of extraction of raw materials to the final stage of life, going through the manufacturing process.


Glass is an energy saving solution. Our insulating windows offer a wide range of performance in terms of thermal insulation, visible light transmittance and solar factor.

In cold climates, Low-E layers reduce heat loss by keeping heat inside and limit the use of heating. For warm climates or sun-exposed facades, solar control layers reduce the heat from the outside to the inside and reduces the use of cooling.


According to studies conducted by Saint-Gobain Glass, approximately 15% of heat loss in a home is caused by inadequate thermal insulation, achieved through non-performing glazed windows. In the case of windows, about 80% of their energy efficiency is due to glass, while 20% goes to carpentry. The use of high-performance glazing contributes to thermal comfort in both winter and summer, through efficient insulation and solar control, and by eliminating the cold areas around windows.


90% of our time is spent indoors, by 2030, 60% of people will live in urban areas, so, to avoid stress it is important to have a quiet, comfortable and safe space.

The noise level of a downtown location surrounded by traffic is around 80dB. High performance acoustic glazing can bring a lot of comfort by reducing this exterior noise by up to 50dB (Rw). Acoustic Saint-Gobain’s glass plays a vital role in protecting a room’s soundscape. The choice glazing naturally depends on the noise level outside the building.


The literature has followed this topic, discovering that there are benefits in the presence of natural light inside buildings and in terms of relating to the world. These studies document the influence of natural light on an individual's condition, productivity, and even sleep quality.

Saint-Gobain glass allows a lot of natural light to enter work and living spaces. This aspect is beneficial for health and offers substantial savings with artificial lighting. Also, the use of translucent glass ensures a balance between natural light and privacy. All this ensures increased comfort during the day.

The higher the light transmission of the glazing, the less artificial light is needed. The clarity of work and residential spaces, transparency, the play of colors, the intimacy created by the shadows accompany and facilitate the good development of daily activities.

With its board range of energy-efficient coated glass products, providing a wide variety of visible light transmittance (from less than 10% to 98%) while limiting energy transfer through the glass, Glass can help maximize the natural light entering the building.


Today, most people spend more than 90% of their time inside vehicles or buildings. Therefore, indoor air quality is essential. Unlike other materials that evacuate elements in the air, glass is inert. It emits a very low amount of VOCs (volatile organic compounds).


Saint-Gobain Building Glass Europe is the first glass processor in the world to have implemented a complete Life Cycle Assessment of its products in compliance with international standards (ISO 14025, 14040 & 14044) and verified by an independent third party.

To obtain the score you like and build, we dispose EPDs (Environmental Product Declaration) for each our products, covering more than 165 products configuration, which we can provide you. You may contact one of our team supports to get this key asset for your sustainable project.


All Saint-Gobain Business Glass Europe floats are certified ISO 14 001, which is an Environmental Management System.

All internal Saint-Gobain Building Glass Europe quarries are certified ISO 14001.


On average 30% of the total weight of a sheet of glass made by Saint-Gobain Building Glass Europe comes from recycled internal cullet and “pre-customer” cullet:

“Internal” cullet: broken glass coming from glass manufacturing, reintroduced into the original process;

“Pre-customer” cullet: broken glass coming from processing, before implementing the finished product.


Leader in innovation. Saint-Gobain is ranked among the Top 100 Global Innovators. Saint-Gobain Building Glass Europe, a leader in innovation, can provide sustainable glazing with the latest technological advances. We also propose a unique range of multi-functional glazing which combines in the same glazing: excellence in thermal insulation and solar control, easy maintenance, noise control, safety.