Product range

COOL-LITE® KN 177 II SYMPHONY is a new „to be tempered” reference, that highly performs in terms of light transmission (TL% = 70% for DGU and 63% for TGU), quality that turns out to be most efficient glass type in the areas where the new building project does not benefit of a high level of natural light (Northern areas, mountain areas or mostly cloudy areas).


Another main benefit of COOL-LITE® KN 177 II SYMPHONY glass comes from the balance between the thermal comfort and the optical performances, such as the efficient capturing of natural light and a high fidelity of the natural colours, parameters requested by premium buildings.


Its advanced thermal insulation achieves a Ug-value of 1.0 W/m²K in a standard IGU with 16 mm Argon filled cavity, which is the best in this category of coatings. Due to this remarkable key factor, COOL-LITE® KN 177 II SYMPHONY glass provides thermal comfort irrespective of season, but sustainable indoor spaces, as well.


The long term energy efficiency generates an optimal and convenient exploitation of the building, with low heating and cooling costs. As specific to COOL-LITE KN II range, this type of glass complies with the new NZEB requirements, its energy efficiency being an important criteria for the certification of green buildings, as LEED and BREEAM.


The buildings where COOL-LITE® KN 177 II SYMPHONY glass is used, benefit of a neutral outside aesthetics, with slight silver reflections, while, in transmission, it is a neutral one, ideal for any modern architectural project.

COOL-LITE® KN 177 II SYMPHONY is a glass of the new generation, that stands out due to the very high light transmission and the high fidelity of the natural colors, that makes it suitable to spectacular projects. It is manufactured by applying a silver coating on PLANICLEAR® glass, by using cutting-edge magnetronic systems.