Product range

DAYLIGHT: Offering the best of daylight with a light transmission of 75%, COOL-LITE® SKN 183 (II) fosters improved learning conditions for students in educational facilities, shortened convalescence for patients, or simply better well-being at home. It is the only product in COOL-LITE® range reaching above 70% in TGU (with DIAMANT substrate and ECLAZ in face 5).

THERMAL COMFORT:  This highly selective coated glass brings solar protection at all times and reinforced thermal insulation. Heating and air-conditioning systems can be reduced to a minimum.

AESTHETICS: Extremely transparent and neutral with a low reflection, the glass façade appears discreet from the outdoors and floods the interiors with light for a bright atmosphere, revealing faithfully the environments’ colors.


COOL-LITE® SKN 183 (II) is Saint-Gobain’s latest innovative coated glass, with the highest light transmission in the COOL-LITE® range (TL=75% in DGU) combined with a low solar factor (40%), high selectivity (S = 1.88) and neutral aesthetics. It is an ideal product for facades (curtain walls, window band facades, punctuated facades…), in commercial and residential buildings where high daylight income is desired, with no compromise on performance.