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SGG PLANITHERM 4S EVOLUTION turns you into a passive witness of the seasons inside your home, ensuring your ideal thermal comfort regardless of weather changes. You lose the sense of time thanks to the ambientally environment created by the constant optimum temperature and ideal light input throughout the year.

  • SPRING: provides all the necessary comfort regardless of climate changes characteristic to the season.
  • SUMMER: the ideal temperature for your house providing comfort and coolness are ensured even in hot days.
  • AUTUMN: the transition towards the cold weather becomes imperceptible, thus being ensured the comfort and cutting of early heating costs.
  • WINTER: heat loss will decrease and the cold areas close to windows will be imperceptible.

The selective glass SGG PLANITHERM 4S EVOLUTION has a double function for your own comfort: superior solar control and thermal insulation. You can enjoy the perfect temperature and ideal light no matter the season. The summer-winter comfort function maintains a pleasant atmosphere all year long, and the reflexivity provides a comfortable level of privacy.Benefits: WINTER and SUMMER COMFORTProperties: Selective solar control glass with advanced thermal insulation properties